Child Pornography

Green Bay Internet Sex Crimes Attorney

Are you facing serious felony charges of child abuse, soliciting a minor or possession of child pornography?

In Green Bay and Brown County, Wisconsin, the Internet sex crimes attorney with the experience, legal knowledge and personal service that can effectively defend you against charges of child enticement is Christopher T. Froelich of the Froelich Law Offices.

The Froelich Law Offices can forge a team effort that protects your rights during every phase of the criminal justice legal process. You can expect in-depth investigation of circumstances that caused your arrest for possession or distribution of child pornography — and aggressive advocacy that gets results.

At the Froelich Law Offices, our law firm accesses the help of technology experts who know what can go wrong with the inner workings of a personal computer or phone, and lead authorities to believe that your participation in online “chats” was an attempt to solicit a minor. We gather the facts of your case, move to suppress evidence that could harm you, engage in skillful negotiations with prosecutors, offer thorough case preparation and provide persuasive presentations before judge and jury on your behalf.

Don’t allow yourself to be defined by charges that could make you a marked person in your community, beginning with mandatory sex offender registration. You owe it to yourself and your family to do everything possible to avoid incarceration, fines and a criminal record if convicted. That effort starts with selection of the right attorney for you.

Christopher T. Froelich can be that zealous crusader for your freedoms and future. Contact the Froelich Law Offices today. Your initial consultation is free of charge.

Criminal Defense lawyer with 25 years of experience

Call Mr. Froelich immediately if you have been investigated for, or arrested on, serious charges of child pornography, sexual assault or domestic violence. Reach us in Green Bay at 920-430-9640 or by email. If you need Spanish language translation assistance, please tell us.