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Have you been arrested for a serious drug crime, sex crime, violent crime or white collar crime in Brown County?

Are your freedoms and future at risk in a Wisconsin courtroom?

Do you face incarceration, heavy fines and a criminal record as a felon if convicted?

Experienced Wisconsin criminal defense attorney Christopher T. Froelich and the Froelich Law Offices can help with balanced legal strategies that protect your rights.

Our Green Bay law firm’s founder provides aggressive drug crimes defense, representation for child pornography suspects, defendants in financial crimes cases in state and federal courts, and those charged with property crimes in municipal court.

Christopher T. Froelich’s proven skills and track record of success as an assault lawyer can also benefit you if you face serious criminal charges of domestic violence or sexual assault. If you were stopped for DUI, Mr. Froelich is the defense lawyer to contact when your driver’s license is in danger of suspension or revocation.

Your free initial consultation is an important first step toward the safeguarding of your interests. Call or email the Froelich Law Offices for quality defense representation from arrest and arraignment to outcome and appeal if necessary.

Green Bay Criminal Law And DUI Defense Attorney With 25 Years Of Experience

Christopher T. Froelich knows our state’s criminal justice system inside-out. He is well-known in local and Wisconsin courts and uses harmonious relationships with prosecutors to put you in the best possible legal position for trial. He excels at thorough case preparation, in-depth investigation of arrests, negotiated reductions and dismissals of charges and persuasive presentations in court that resonate with judge and jury alike.

Throughout the process, you receive maximum availability to Mr. Froelich’s knowledge, prompt answers to your questions and concerns, and regular updates on the status of your case. When your work with the Froelich Law Offices has concluded, you will know that your rights have been fully protected.

Selecting the right attorney to represent you could not be more important at this difficult time in your life. Call us today at 920-430-9640 or reach us by email to discuss your legal issues in detail and in confidence. We can provide Spanish language translation if you need it.

Child Pornography

In Green Bay and Brown County, Wisconsin, the Internet sex crimes attorney with the experience, legal knowledge and personal service that can effectively defend you against charges of child enticement is Christopher T. Froelich of the Froelich Law Offices.

Domestic Violence

If a criminal arrest on felony charges of domestic violence, such as aggravated battery, has made your future uncertain, the Green Bay, Wisconsin, defense attorney who aggressively protects your rights, in and out of court, is Christopher T. Froelich of the Froelich Law Offices.

Drug Crimes

If you have been arrested for marijuana possession, heroin delivery or trafficking in prescription drugs in Wisconsin, you need the skills and commitment of an experienced drug crimes attorney on your side.

Property Crimes

Whether the serious criminal charges you face range from misdemeanor retail theft or shoplifting, to arson or armed robbery, you could benefit from the experience and client focus of a skilled property crimes attorney who protects your rights.

Sexual Assault

A criminal conviction for sexual assault in Wisconsin could mean years behind bars, hefty fines and a record as a felon that follows you everywhere. At this difficult time in your life, you need skilled defense representation on your side if you are to avoid these harsh punishments, including mandatory sex offender registration.

White Collar Crimes

Are your business and personal reputations being tarnished by a serious financial crimes charge? Are you fearful of being sent to prison, seeing your finances drained by heavy fines and resuming life with a criminal record if convicted?

Criminal Defense Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions related to criminal defense

Have you been arrested and are worried about going to jail or keeping your job? Being arrested is serious and if you take it lightly it could have a severe impact, not only on your future, but also on your family’s.

Hiring an experienced lawyer can help you make sure your legal rights are protected and maximize your chances at retaining your freedom. Froelich Law Offices has been representing individuals in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area with their criminal defense legal concerns for nearly two decades.

Contact our office by phone at 920.430.9640 to arrange for an initial consultation.

We defend people charged with the following crimes, whether misdemeanor or felony:
• Domestic violence offenses
• Substantial battery
• Sexual assault offenses
• Drug offenses
• Property crimes
• OWI/DUI defense and traffic violations
• Juvenile delinquency/CHIPS
• Physical Abuse
• Bail jumping/escape
• Obstructing/resisting arrest
• Battery to a law enforcement officer
• Theft, burglary, robbery, receiving stolen property or other property crimes
• Forgery/uttering
• Hit & run
• Operating a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent
• Criminal trespass, entry into locked vehicle
• Arson/criminal damage to property

Our experienced attorneys can explain the court process to you in more detail than the brief descriptions above. The procedure explained below is for you to gain an overview of the court process in a criminal case:

Initial Appearance

This is the first hearing that you will appear at. The court will inform you of the criminal charges and maximum penalties. Additionally, the court will set your bond and, in a misdemeanor case, the court will take a plea from you and schedule the case for trial. In a felony case, however, you have the right to request a preliminary hearing at this time. It is important to have an experienced attorney to guide you through this important process as it can set the stage for later results.

Preliminary hearing

This is a probable cause hearing where the court takes testimony from witnesses and the alleged victim. The defense may call witnesses at this hearing, although typically no witnesses are called at this stage by the defense. At the conclusion of the hearing the court will determine whether or not there is probable cause to believe you committed a felony crime. If the court finds probable cause, then you will be bound over for trial. Credibility is not an issue at the preliminary hearing. Plausibility is the issue that the court considers at this stage. A transcript can be ordered from this hearing which can be compared to police statements obtained from the State. Some prosecutors provide the defense with discovery materials at this hearing while others provide it before the arraignment.


This is the hearing where a person accused of a felony will usually enter a not guilty plea to the charges. If the accused suffers from mental health concerns, another plea of not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect can also be entered. The court may also address bond issues at this hearing. The matter is then set for pre-trial and a jury trial. The accused has a right to request a substitution of judge which must be exercised before the arraignment or the right is waived.

Final Pre-Trial

This is a status hearing where the court is advised of the status of the case. The court will typically take a plea from the defendant at this time if a plea agreement has been reached. If there has been no agreement, then the parties will be advised to submit proposed jury instructions and proposed verdict forms before trial. Sometimes the court will take up motions filed by the State of Defense at this hearing, however, motions challenging legal issues are usually addressed at a separate motion hearing.

Jury Trial

A jury of 12 people is selected to hear the case and make a determination as to the guilt or innocence of the accused. The State has the complete burden of proof to show evidence of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The jury verdict must be unanimous in a criminal case. If just one of the jurors believes that there is not enough evidence to support a conviction, then the defense must be acquitted of the crime charged. A jury trial involves jury selection, opening statements, direct and cross-examination and closing arguments.


The court will typically receive a pre-sentence investigation (PSI) report prepared by the Department of Corrections in a felony case. This report will contain important background information for the court to consider at sentencing. The court will hear arguments form the prosecutor and the defense at the sentencing hearing. The victim will also have an opportunity to address the court under the Wisconsin victim rights law. The accused also is given an absolute right of allocution to address the court. The court will consider many factors at sentencing including protection of the public, punishment, gravity of the offense, prior record, mitigating factors, and many other facts before the sentence is rendered. Wisconsin has the truth-in-sentencing law which means that a person serves the time that is imposed. A prison sentence will be composed of a period of initial confinement and a period of extended supervision. A jail sentence involves less than one year of incarceration in a county facility.

Hiring an experienced attorney is key to your defense

If you have been arrested, you probably realize that the stakes are high. You may be facing substantial fines and jail time. We provide aggressive defense representation and look for all possible defenses to your criminal charges. Our attorneys have an excellent working relationship with prosecutors and are able to communicate our clients’ wishes to them. We represent you through the entire process. Our lawyers will be there for you from arrest, through the arraignment, pretrial hearings and conferences, trial, sentencing and, if needed, appeals.