Child Support

Spousal Maintenance And Child Support

Securing their financial situation is one of the biggest challenges that divorcing couples face. This is especially true if there are children involved or if one spouse was the primary income earner for the family. An experienced lawyer can advise clients on how to reach fair and reasonable spousal maintenance and child support agreements.

Froelich Law Offices has 25 years of experience handling spousal maintenance (also called spousal support or alimony) and child support issues. Rest assured, we will pursue a resolution that protects the interests of your children and helps ease your transition into a new life.

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The amount of child support awarded is calculated using a formula that includes a variety of factors such as the income of both parents, alimony, costs of insurance and child care, and the amount of custody or visitation awarded. We represent both mothers and fathers in determining the appropriate child support award and will always take the time to explain how the process works.

Over the course of a child’s life, a substantial change in circumstances may necessitate a change in the amount of child support paid. Such changes may include job loss, the birth of another child or remarriage. In order to change the initial amount, a modification must be requested. We assist clients with all child support matters, including enforcement and modifications.

Spousal Maintenance Lawyer
The court may order a spouse to pay spousal maintenance for either an indefinite or temporary period. In making this decision, the court will consider a multitude of factors, including the amount of marital property awarded, the ability of each spouse to reach their former standard of living on their own, the age and earning capacity of each spouse, and various other factors. Our family law attorney will review your situation, assess your needs, explain the applicable law and seek a spousal support agreement that meets your exact needs.