Child Custody

Green Bay Child Custody

In almost every divorce case, the biggest concerns and questions are going to relate to the children. Will I get custody? How often can I see my kids? What happens if my spouse moves out of state? These questions weigh heavily on the mind of both parties and are often the biggest area of contention.

Froelich Law Offices has nearly two decades of experience representing families in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area with complex child custody issues. Rest assured, we will answer your questions and help work out a solution that best fits the needs of your family.

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In Wisconsin, child custody is based upon the best interests of the children. However, this is not always easily determined, especially if the situation involves parental alienation – the slandering of one parent by another to turn the children against their mom or dad. These situations can have serious repercussions for both children and parents.

Our firm is experienced in handling these difficult cases. We regularly work with psychological experts to examine the situation and attempt to negotiate a peaceful resolution whenever possible. In fact, we often encourage and support counseling for both children and parents in order to help maintain or regain a healthy and positive relationship.

At Froelich Law Offices, we work with both men and women in difficult child custody situations. We are committed to reaching an agreement that protects our clients’ relationships with their children.
Wisconsin Disputed Child Custody Process

If there are placement and custody disputes, the parents must go to mediation to resolve the issues. If an impasse is reached, the court will appoint a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) who will look at the living arrangements, school records and counseling records, and conduct interviews to determine what the best interests of the child are. They will then provide a recommendation regarding joint custody and primary custody to the court.
Our firm will represent you throughout this entire process and ask the questions that are important in helping determine custody. We will assert your rights while protecting the best interests of your children.