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Criminal Law

Child Pornography

In Green Bay and Brown County, Wisconsin, the Internet sex crimes attorney with the experience, legal knowledge and personal service that can effectively defend you against charges of child enticement is Christopher T. Froelich of the Froelich Law Offices.

Domestic Violence

If a criminal arrest on felony charges of domestic violence, such as aggravated battery, has made your future uncertain, the Green Bay, Wisconsin, defense attorney who aggressively protects your rights, in and out of court, is Christopher T. Froelich of the Froelich Law Offices.

Drug Crimes

If you have been arrested for marijuana possession, heroin delivery or trafficking in prescription drugs in Wisconsin, you need the skills and commitment of an experienced drug crimes attorney on your side.

Property Crimes

Whether the serious criminal charges you face range from misdemeanor retail theft or shoplifting, to arson or armed robbery, you could benefit from the experience and client focus of a skilled property crimes attorney who protects your rights.

Sexual Assault

A criminal conviction for sexual assault in Wisconsin could mean years behind bars, hefty fines and a record as a felon that follows you everywhere. At this difficult time in your life, you need skilled defense representation on your side if you are to avoid these harsh punishments, including mandatory sex offender registration.

White Collar Crimes

Are your business and personal reputations being tarnished by a serious financial crimes charge? Are you fearful of being sent to prison, seeing your finances drained by heavy fines and resuming life with a criminal record if convicted?

Criminal Defense Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions related to criminal defense


Breathalyzer Tests

Being pulled over for the simplest of traffic violations can be intimidating. But when you are stopped by law enforcement on suspicion of drunk driving, the results can be life-changing. The officer may ask you to perform certain field sobriety tests, including a preliminary breath test.

DMV Administrative Hearings

Is your Wisconsin driver's license at risk because of a series of traffic violations or OWI arrest? Christopher T. Froelich in Green Bay is a skilled criminal defense lawyer who can represent your interests at DMV hearings after a series of serious traffic violations or DUI arrest has jeopardized your driving privileges.

DUI Drugs

Were you arrested for driving while under the influence of prescription drugs in Wisconsin? Are you facing serious charges of marijuana possession after being stopped in traffic by police?

Field Sobriety Tests

It may have been a broken taillight or a missed signal, or there may have been no reason at all to pull you over. The officer, however, suspects or insists that you've been drinking and begins to question you. At some point, the officer may even request that you take a field sobriety test.

Vehicular Homicide

A DUI manslaughter conviction or felony OWI charge in Wisconsin can disrupt your life and derail your career. In addition to incarceration and fines, you face a criminal record, revocation of your driver's license and strict probation conditions upon your release.

Other Practice Areas

Criminal Law

Green Bay Criminal Attorney Have you been arrested for a serious drug crime, sex crime, violent crime or white collar crime in Brown County? Are your freedoms and future at risk in a Wisconsin courtroom? Do you face incarceration, heavy fines and a criminal record as a felon if convicted? Experienced Wisconsin criminal defense attorney...


Green Bay DUI/OWI Attorney Has an arrest for drunk driving in Wisconsin put your driver’s license at risk and drained your bank accounts with heavy fines? Experienced Green Bay, Wisconsin, OWI and DUI lawyer Christopher T. Froelich and the Froelich Law Offices can help. For 25 years, Christopher T. Froelich‘s in-depth knowledge of DUI defense...


When people get married, they probably never think about the relationship ending. Time has a way of changing things, however, and many people find themselves facing a tough divorce, especially when a complex arrangement of assets and property is involved.

Child Custody

In almost every divorce case, the biggest concerns and questions are going to relate to the children. Will I get custody? How often can I see my kids? What happens if my spouse moves out of state? These questions weigh heavily on the mind of both parties and are often the biggest area of contention.

Child Support

Securing their financial situation is one of the biggest challenges that divorcing couples face. This is especially true if there are children involved or if one spouse was the primary income earner for the family. An experienced lawyer can advise clients on how to reach fair and reasonable spousal maintenance and child support agreements.

CHIPS Petitions

Froelich Law Offices also has extensive experience in representing parents who are involved in child protection matters. A CHIPS (child in need of protection services) petition is filed by the local human services department when a child is alleged to be in need of protection or services.

Car Accidents and Personal Injury

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident or other type of accident, you may be facing costly medical expenses, a lifetime of therapy, the inability to return to your job, and significant pain and suffering. Unfortunately, the insurance company will not be concerned with how well you are doing. Froelich Law Offices can help secure the compensation you need and deserve. Our litigation experience is an invaluable asset in these matters. We have been helping people in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area with their auto wreck and personal injury matters for nearly two decades. Let us help you.